Top Tips for Keeping Your Pets Cool This Summer

As the mercury rises- it’s more important than ever to keep out pets cool

Take your walks early or late in the day 

At midday, the sun is at its peak and while that might be pleasant for you in your hat, shorts, and sun cream the tarmac you’re both walking on will be at its hottest, so it’s much less fun for your furry friend.

Before you leave for your walk put the back of your hand or barefoot on the pavement for 7 seconds. There’s a good saying to remember here: if it’s too hot for your hands, it’s too hot for their paws.

Give them plenty to drink 

Just like humans, pets need much more access to water in hot conditions in order to stay hydrated. Sometimes they’ll need a little nudge to encourage them to drink more,  so a second water bowl away from their food bowl might be the solution.

It’s worth mentioning that some pets prefer running water, especially when it’s warmer as stagnant hot water can’t be too thirst-quenching! Luckily, there are plenty of water fountains for dogs available on the market.

NEVER leave your pet in a parked car

We’ve all seen the videos of windows getting smashed because neglectful owners have left their pets in a stationary car, that’s because this is a  dangerous thing to do.

If it’s 22c outside, it can reach 47c inside a car within an hour, even if a window is cracked. At this temperature a dog could develop heatstroke and become seriously ill or die, so don’t take any chances and take them with you.

Consider buying them some cooling products

There are plenty of accessories out there such as cooling coats, mats, and even toys your pets can enjoy while keeping cool, calm, and collected this summer.

Animed Direct has a selection of cooling products for your dog that would be helpful for cooling your pups down

Protect your fair skinned pets from harsh UV rays

Pets with less hair or with white coats are just as susceptible to sunburn as you are, but plenty of pet owners don’t realise this and therefore aren’t prepared. The sad reality is that sunburn in pets can lead to skin cancer, so best to be on the safe side and keep them indoors during these times.

If this isn’t possible, there are sun cream brands you can get for your pets to protect them from the sun.

Immediately call the vet if you are worried about them

If at any time you are concerned about your pet’s wellbeing, be sure to get direct advice from your vet in order to look after them.

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