Probiotic Ice Pops for dogs

Once a week, I make probiotic kefir pops for my dog as a daily snack. It’s easy to make and super healthy.

You just need 4 ingredients

  • kefir or natural yogurt
  • turmeric (we used powered in this batch)
  • parsley (we used dried in this bath)
  • dog food or meat


mix the kefir with the turmeric and parsley

add the wet dog food or meat and mush it all together

put in mason jars or ice cube trays and freeze

homemade kefir with turmeric, and parsley

We make our own kefir but you can easily buy it in the supermarket or health food store.

We used a pre made food from Forthglade but you can use regular beef mince or your dogs normal food instead

We put them in mini glass mason jars for the pups to lick on. However, you can just as easily put the mix in plastic containers, ice cube trays, in stuffed kongs etc as a great way of getting your dog to enjoy a yummy tasting probiotic.

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