Long Paws Review – Comfort Collection

The fantastic people at Long Paws recently sent us the harness and lead from their new Comfort Collection. They sent us 2 different sizes, one small and the other large. Houdini and Jaina were more than happy to try them out.

Houdini wearing the matching blue harness and long lead

Jaina sporting the black harness and lead

The underside of the harness is made of soft neoprene material which makes it super comfortable to wear. The woven harness itself is fully adjustable and is reflective, which is perfect for this time of year. Thanks to its design, it is really easy to get it on your dog as they can just step into it. The only fastening is on the top so you aren’t fiddling around with tricky buckles anywhere. The harness is available in 4 different colours, black, orange, light blue and pink.

Houdini found the harness so comfortable, he fell asleep wearing it more than once

The rope lead clips easily into the 2 D-rings either side of the buckle on the top. The lead handle is very comfortable and is covered in soft neoprene. With a dog that is prone to pulling like Jaina (especially if she sees a squirrel), it made quite a lot of difference as there was no rope burn or discomfort from having to hold tight. The leads come in 2 lengths, 75cm / 30in and 110cm / 44in and, as with the harness, is available in 4 different colours.

The advantages of wearing a harness is that it reduces the risk of trachea damage (especially with small dogs) so is useful for small dogs and pullers.

Jaina much prefers the harness when out these days, with a lot less pulling

When walking Jaina, the harness make a huge difference. Sometimes she can be a bit headstrong when out for her walks but when wearing the harness she seemed more at ease and a lot easier to walk.

The harness collection

Overall, we really like these products. The harness is easy to use, easy to get on and comfortable for the dog. The leads are very comfortable to hold and the set is not heavy. The longer lead is perfect for those dogs that need a bit more freedom when out walking whereas the shorter lead offers more control so it can help with control issues when it comes to walking along dirty city streets. One of the other items Long Paws offers in the Comfort Collection is a traffic lead which is perfect control in tighter spaces and when crossing roads.

Long Paws Traffic Lead


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