Review of Rams Dog Food

We don’t usually review pet food as it is often a very personal choice for owners. Kibble verses canned? cooked verses raw? It is a very difficult decision to make and one as a reviewer I always approach with trepidation.

However, after trying Rams Dog Food, my guys are hooked. We have always fed products that were organic and used human grade ingredients but the gourmet pet foods available at boutique markets have always been out of out price range. When the pet food becomes more expensive than my food, warning bells go off!! Rams was incredibly affordable by comparison so when offered a free week of food, we jumped at the chance.

I always imagined myself as an “earth dog mom”  who cooked her own food, gave the dog carrots straight from the ground, and had acres and acres of land for the pups to romp in. Realistically I am a “City Dog Mom” who hardly has any space in her kitchen, and barely even cooks for herself (let alone her dogs). Rams came to the rescue in helping me achieve my “Earth Mother” dreams by letting the pups have the best of a home cooked meal that probably tastes better than anything I could whip up anyway.

Needless to say, Harley Quinn and Houdini LOVED the “beef and polenta” recipe which is unusual for Houdini who is a fussy eater. Apart from being like “puppy crack” to the furkids, I noticed changes in their stole and coats. Houdini had always had tear stains on his white coat and they had began to vanish, and Harley Quinn’s coarse beagle fur had began to take on a silky texture. (inset that famous Charlie Sheen word here).

We have just placed a weekly order as I think the babes are worth it. Let me know if you start cooking for humans at Rams Dog Food? as this girl could do with some glossy locks like her furkids!!

Alison from Rams Dog Food with Houdini

Disclosure. Obviously this is a product that worked for my pups and myself. This product will not turn you into an “earth mother”, or magically give you acres of private land for your pup to roam. We cannot guarantee the same results for your pet. Always speak to a vet when changing your pets diet and see our disclosures page.

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