Clear Conscience Pet SuperGravy

I know this is radical and I promise that I did not do this but the guy has a point….the products are good!!

I had the pleasure of meeting the owner of Clear Conscience Pet at the beginning of the year when he made a very generous donation to one of the rescue groups I work with.

As many of you know having followed the blog, Miss Harley Quinn is a little bit of a fussy eater (typical teenager!) so I was especially excited to try the Super Gravy food topper to try and encourage her to eat her vegetables.

What I may love most about this product is that as you can see you only need a super small amount of the dry mix to make anything taste amazing (I haven’t personally tried it yet, but Harley Quinn keeps me in the loop).

I find it so much easier to use than wet dog food, or crumbling dehydrated dog food on top of the regular stuff.

I love this product. It has a small carbon footprint and saves space in the cupboard

Well done Clear Conscience

I look forward to trying some of your other products in the near future (and I may consider trying them myself 😛 )

City Dog Expert


Houdini says “I like my meals cooked medium rare, preferably a tenderloin or Filet Minion with a little shaking of Super Gravy”


Harley Quinn says ” anything that makes broccoli or carrots taste like AWESOME, has my vote”

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